Website Plans

With the change in store hours, I have added more features to the website. Now it will be the ideal place to visit for all updates on the store. With increased traffic, These blog posts will take place of the restock posts, but will take longer to upload since I would be adding in entries as I restock. Here is a breakdown of changes.

  • Calendar added to site for weekday availability and events
  • Scheduling for weekdays on bottom right of website and in hours
  • All future restocks will be on the website
  • Products will slowly be added over time
  • Increased focus on website
  • Sales notifications will be posted on site and through email marketing
  • Deals will also be posted through email marketing more often
So to be updated on all future changes, please subscribe to the news letter and/or make a site account. This way all our news will be focused in one place!
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