Shipping Policy

At Abstract Aquariums, we guarantee that every shipment we send out will arrive alive. If any of the livestock or plants in your order are dead upon arrival, we will offer a refund for the cost of the item or store credit in the amount of the loss. These guarantees are at our discretion.

To ensure the health of the animals we ship, we follow a thorough quarantine process. In the event of failing our health checklist at time out shipping, we reserve the right to delay shipping until the order passes. Customers will be notified of said delays. Although we have a high success rate, issues may still arise during shipping. It is the customer's responsibility to research the suitability of their environment for the animal they are purchasing and to provide proper care, including maintaining good water quality and a healthy diet. Poor maintenance, water quality, and diet are the responsibility of the hobbyist to correct.

In order to qualify for our guarantee:

  • All claims must be made within 24 hours of delivery.
  • A clear photo of the dead, damaged, or sick fish, invertebrate, plant, or dry goods is required.
  • For dead livestock, photos of the unopened bag with the tie facing down and the dead livestock on top of the styrofoam box are required.
  • Claims are void if the customer misses the first delivery attempt.
  • If the delivery is delayed due to the customer missing the first attempt, we cannot be held responsible for any losses.
  • It is the customer's responsibility to provide us with the correct shipping address.
  • The shipment must be sent to the correct delivery address and not forwarded to another address unless it is still delivered on the same day. Forwarding packages results in extra transit time.
  • Extras that are included in the shipment are not covered under the guarantee.

To submit a claim:

  • Email with your order number in the subject line.
  • Specify the issue, such as DOA (dead on arrival) livestock or plants, damaged livestock or dry goods, or sick livestock.
  • For DOA livestock, include the number of live fish or invertebrates in the bag with the DOA in the email. We do include extras in most packs of schooling fish, shrimp, and snails, so it is possible that you may be covered (extras are not covered under the guarantee).
  • Provide the required photos as described above.
  • If an item is missing from the shipment, include a clear photo of the included packing slip and any items you did receive, as well as a description of the missing item.

We will review your claim and get back to you as soon as possible with a resolution. Thank you for choosing Abstract Aquariums.